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Anonymous asked:

But Stefan doesn't tell things to Caroline that he keeps secret from Elena, or doesn't tell Elena. He said that to make Caroline feel better but it was a non-answer and he only got away with it because Caroline hero-worships him so much. When did he ever confide something in Caroline that he didn't also confide in Elena?



a) This entire season (and even parts of the last) have been about Stefan confiding in Caroline. Do you watch the show? The only time he does ever talk to Elena anymore is to discuss Damon and/or her. Sounds like you got the two confused. Your mistake.

b) LMAO I love that Caroline is suddenly under attack for “hero-worshipping” Stefan—something I and many other Steroline shippers HAVE noted as problematic in the past btw even though this is HARDLY as big of an issue like the ones Stelena/Klaroline have but whatever—because only NOW does her “worship” of him threaten you and your ship(s).

LOL because you were fine with Caroline thinking the sun shone out of Stefan’s ass for five seasons, just as long as she was still firmly planted on Team Stelena. But oh shit now—because the moment she realized “wait; maybe I think he’s such a great guy not only because he’s been there for me repeatedly despite Elena but perhaps that crush I had on him has always been there, just lingering????” IT’S AN ISSUE.

NOWWWWW she is “OOC,” regressing back to “S1!Caroline”—who 1) is still Caroline so shut the fuck up with the distinction already and your poor ass excuse for a psychoanalysis of her character and 2) i happened to like and appreciate her back then still, before she became a vampire and the fandom suddenly loved her so f u c k you all, thanks.

Stefan and Caroline’s relationship is far more equal and balanced than ANYTHINGGGGGGG Stefan and Elena have even SEEN this season. Stefan HIMSELF said that Caroline is the one that he calls when he thinks he’s going crazy—not Elena—tell me what you think he meant by that, then? He didn’t say anything in the last episode to “shut her up.” Try watching every single one of their scenes this season alone and you’ll have your goddamn answer.

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#1) Season 1 Caroline? They don’t want to come for ssn1 Caroline. As President and Founder of the Season 1 Caroline Stan Club(x) conceived in response to much of the so-called Caroline Forbes fandom (i.e., the pressed stelena and klaroline shippers specifically) and their belittling and wrongness (borne prob of hurt the-lesser-ship feels) of SHE WHO IS ACTUALLY BETTER THAN YOU(x) in her ssn1 incarnation do you even know this character you claim to stan, I am telling you:

YOU(x) *claps* REALLY(x) *claps DON’T(x) *claps* WANT(x) *claps* THIS(x)

Trust me.(x) Elena-Stelena stans especially. Your fave couple (x) and your fave would never survive(x) the EPIC DRAGGING(xof which this is just a small reminder:(x)


"Hero Worship"- having very specific connotations…pretty much defined by EXCESSIVE IDOLAZATION that usually comes with starry eyes and following, agreement, or fellowship beyond what would be expected per characterization or situation right?

Ok, GO.  *kicks up heels*

Wait, before y’all begin, you might want to check out this (X) and this (X)… THEN, if you still have something to show me, msg or tag me PLEASE.

~~for convenience, here’s a key portion:

sterolinebliss said: Don’t know the whole argument but this part needs a little correction imo. They are not blind to each others faults. They just see the best in each other. It doesn’t make them blind. Because that’s what they do to everyone not just to each other.

saharawarez said: “I dont think they are blind to each others faults, i think they just dont care enough about the bad to hold it against each other especially when there’s other people around who do that enough for the both of them….not to mention how often they do it to themselves”

Threads(me) said: ”^^^THIIIIIIIS, especially the bolded. I’ve talked extensively about this very thing. The whole “and so what” of it all….”why would whatever I know change how I treat him/her.” What about my actions would characterize my “hero worship?”

"Hero worship" has very specific connotations.

Considering each person’s personality, personal history, and personal morality—no matter how heroic or judgmental they may be, the consistent thread is simply that ALL of Team Mystic has a tendency to only really get broken up over things that affect people in their inner circle—once they all got ensconced in the supernatural (Amy’s dead oops, it’s about the clean-up.) Tyler accidentally kills the girl that Triggers his werewolf curse, Care’s like I got this, you didn’t mean to, as chick lies dead on the floor.  Caroline sees that there were circumstances and she adjusts her judgment accordingly. So with Stefan…what am I missing. I’m not seeing what’s so worshippy about Caroline’s behavior.

They think highly of each other…for pretty damn good reason. And I’m not sure where it compromises her in anyway…

From the time she turned, if you even just look at the way Caroline ACTS with Stefan, she holds her own, speaks her mind, claps back.

"I wasn’t gonna say it like that"

"You are my friend but so is Elena, and I’m not going to tell you where she is."

"I’m okay, I’m not girly little Caroline anymore."

What else…PREFERRING Stefan over others does not equal hero worship. Why?…

From where I sit, Caroline’s been holding her own and certainly not batting her eyelashes and sighing in season 2, season 3 they only gave them like a scene together and by season 4, I’m not sure how Caroline isn’t the strong one, showing off her stuff, perfectly in character as a BOSS

I don’t get it. I don’t see it. I probably never will. *Shrugs* The rest of the message I totally agree with like, yeah, they BOTH think highly of each other and that’s a great thing. :)”

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